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17 October 2011

Updating my blog

Menyambung siaran tertunggak sejak bulan lepas
Since my hubby on Standby till November ( oohh heaven)
tu yang susah benar nak hapdet ini blog
Sooooo Sorry
Nak update pakai android tu.
Pict plak xleh haplot...geram ai...nnt la kodek2 mr google cr solutionnya...

So since last month my hubby on standby nothing much happen
About a week waiting news from office..still none (actually date on this Nov)
So hubby decided to attending twin's convocation..his little sisters
so heading to terengganu on early September..yihhaa..
Here the picts telling a story there
KL---->Pahang ----> @ UMT terengganu

story begin:

permandangan tasik kt Ulu Yam

comel tak ;p

My love!

melawat ikan silver kawan hubby :)

sihat silver ni after 1yrs++
 The next DAY::
my twin ANYRA & hubby,doc AJAN

The Next Day Again:: balik kampung hohoho~..

with Siti Hawa -same color la-

heading to Openhouse Doc Nor&Halim

the big house :p weehoo...

Mak & Abah

we after makan2
 Next day @ pahang:::

KFC anyone?!

Deco art @ umah mak..i like it!!
 AFter a Week @ pekan: heading to terengganu :::

pemandu berhemah: my love again!

with his SIS - farisha

enjoy makan2 kat tepi pantai

Happy Convocation's day Twin!!

Big Congratulations to both of U

AUnt and nephew :)

Sis with Emir

Mummy and Daddy emir

my MIL

My Love !!

Special MENU: coconut tomyam! tomyam serves in coconut! yummeyh!

the next morning @ terengganu having blessfull Nasi Dagang uols!

on Way back to Kedah: scenery @tasik banding :)

Tasik Banding

what a nice place myLove

Love U!

a bridge @ tasik banding

a boat house,for vacation or fishing

The end..we totally fainted after reach Sg petani at that night.
The next morning we balik perlis pulak...pppfftt..hectic week bu blessful with LOve!

Till then :)


dieha said...

wah..syiok mai jenjalan..heaven kan bila org tersayang di sisi...:)

GoJeS said...

waweeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.......memangggggg...memanggg pack jadual...beshnyeee dolan2

myza said...

yess kak diha..sama mcm kak la aritu p jalan2 dr bkt tinggi ke langkawi.heehehe

GoJess: ilikeee!