WHat's Nuffy Say?

02 April 2014

i am so excited!


Dear hubby
Im so happy tonight
1st time i can feel our baby kicking
He/she kick back 2,3 times after i touch him/her
Subhanallah..touching n speechless
Unfortunately youre not here to feel it for the 1st time with me ;)
Its 19weeks already
Maybe she/he heard his brother loud voices
Always talking n crying and cranky everyday.biasa la nak dpt adik..
Mama Love both of u
And hubby plz come back soon..

Missing u..
No email,no line
10:25 pm 2 april 2014

P/s: dah muntah loya balik mcm 1st trimester..why? Huhu xlarat..


wan norulkhamisa said...

hehe seronokkan rasa...akk dulu pun rasa sorang2 je..8 bulan sorang diri, but itulah kenangan manis kite..kan..kan

myza said...

Manis sgt..rs sorg2 tgh2 mlm..hehe..sy doakn akak dpt rasai lg soon :)